Embroidered lavender sachets are both fragrant and beautiful. Various styles to choose from. Each sachet contains a removable lavender pouch.

Cut your own fresh lavender or buy our dried bundles. We have both English & French varieties.

Cut your own $5 - nickel size bundle

​Dried bundles $1-$15 depending on size

The Lavender Market & Gift Shop

The lavender field at Springfield Manor is magnificent. The 2500 plantings include lavender from numerous varieties including Provence, Dutch, Munstead, Hidcote & more. Come and enjoy the pleasures of fresh lavender. Cut your own fresh flowers, purchase potted plants to grow at home, or enjoy the lavender products/gifts & amenities from our market stand. English lavender has its peak first bloom in early June. French lavender generally peaks in August. The English variety blooms a second time in September. Please check our website for hours the farm is open, or fill out the contact form below & receive invitations and information via email.